The Breakfast Bungalow TF2 Server

Welcome to The Breakfast Bungalow! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the official webpage for all things related to the Breakfast Bungalow! We’re the spiritual successor to the Snack Shack, originally a customized TF2 server run by the user Snack Patrol. It died, however, and we took charge. Our server is located on the East Coast, and it is hosted by GameServers. It has a separate custom download site for maximum speed. We’re a group of regular TF2 players who take the upkeep of the server very seriously, but still like to get jiggy with it. We’re doing all we can to create a fun server and we appreciate your input!

Important things!

Contact the owners Visit our Steam group Learn the miracles of micspam Command List Donate to get special perks Bother us on reddit Bother us on Tumblr Talk with us on mumble Our esteemed admins All of our maps in one cozy .7z file

What's on the menu?

See the wonders of weird maps!

On The Breakfast Bungalow TF2 Server, we have over 500 maps for you to choose via the "nominate" command!

And even though we have tons of custom maps and plug-ins, we make it a top priority to keep chat box clutter down.

No one likes chatbox spam.

Hear music as you’ve never heard it before!

We here at The Breakfast Bungalow believe that micspam can actually, believe it or not,

ENHANCE the Team Fortress 2 experience. That's why we've hired (bribed with hats)

top-quality (mediocre) micspammers to make your day more enjoyable!

(Increase the amount of suffering in your daily life by 5%)

Feel the power of a rebuffed sticky jumper!

Watermelons. Lemonade. Pickle Radish Sandwiches. Pork. Meat Lover's Buffet.

What do the above things have in common?

They're all foods. But you know what isn't a food? Sticky jumper bombs.

And you know what the poor little children in starving countries need more of? Sticky jumper bombs.

So we've made it a top priority to increase sticky jumper bomb counts to reasonable levels. (8 sticky jumping bombs)

Please. Think of the children.

We vow never to add any plugin or feature that is too game changing, i.e. unfair donator perks, no crits, become the sentry, ect.

The only "game-changing" plugins we have and WILL have are pyro airblast jump and the sticky launcher rebuff. It will stay that way unless the community votes otherwise.

We value your feedback!

Taste the bitter flavor of round end prop hunt!

What's that, you say? You hate how boring and dull the end of TF2 rounds can be? You wish there was something to do when you lost?

You're also upset that I'm pretending you've asked questions you actually haven't asked? ......Hmm. Fair enough.

Anyway, we have a special end-of-round game mode called "Prop Hunt" which turns all of the losing team into, well....props.

So go hide your children! Hide your wife! Hide that scared monster you've been keeping in your closet!


Know the ability to manipulate gravity, the weapons you wield, and the very soil you fight over!

Here at The Breakfast Bungalow, we know how crazy and out-of-whack customized TF2 servers can get. We make it a priority to keep control in YOUR hands.

Want to restrict everyone to melee weapons only? Vote for it! Want to go only Heavies for a round? Start a vote! Want to change the map to something less sucky? Rock the Vote!

As long as the majority of the people on the server agree, the POWERS ARE IN YOUR HANDS.

Use them wisely. You know what they say....with great power, comes great responsibility.

A full list of commands can be found at Command List

Run away from the horror of year round Halloween items and bosses!

All of the Halloween bosses are spawn-able, so if everyone is feeling a little frisky or bored, an administrator can do things like spawning Halloween bosses, slapping rude players,

changing health, ect.

HOWEVER, our administrators are trained to be courteous and ask before doing anything silly like that, and we don't give out admin to just anyone. So make sure to type "/admins" and find out

who the friendliest people on the whole Team Fortress 2 community are!

Hint: It's us. The admins. Yeah.

...Hi! How are 'ya?

System Requirements for The Breakfast Bungalow: Team Fortress 2
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